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Important shipping informations

We shipping to the following countries on a weekly basis:

  • Hungary
  • Austria
  • Slovakia
  • Czech Republic
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Luxembourg
  • France
  • England
  • United Kingdom

We can also take deliveries to the following countries:

  • Romania
  • Slovenia
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Switzerland
  • Ireland
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Poland
  • Norway
  • Latvia
  • Estonia
  • Lithuania

What you can expect:

  • Fast contact and reaction time.
  • Outstanding communication.
  • Maximum flexibility.
  • Safe shipment handling.
  • Stress-free process.
  • Domestic and international door-to-door delivery or using MaplogPoints!

Good to know

  • We will respond to requests for quotations as soon as possible.
  • In all cases, orders can be finalized after a written or telephone consultation.
  • We tailor our routes entirely to our orders (so we touch certain areas more or less often).
  • We make an appointment in advance with both the sender and the recipient before picking up and delivering.
  • We work in a continuous work schedule, the time of pick-up / delivery may be different from the normal (early morning, late evening, taking into account the requests).
  • From the expected time of arrival we will notify you at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Delivery time 1-14 days.
  • We do not use conveyor belts during our shipments, and where possible do not tranship shipments from one van to another. We usually try to make the deliveries with the car that also picked it up – thus minimizing the possibility of damages.
  • Delivery is door-to-door or shipments can be delivered / picked up using MaplogPoints!

Further to the General Terms and Conditions

More about MaplogPoint

What is MaplogPoint?

Storage, where after consultation you can deliver or pick up your shipment in person from 0-24 hours.

Where are they located?

  • England – Newport
  • Germany – Aachen
  • Hungary – Dunaharaszti, Gyömrő, Kazincbarcika

Why did we create them?

  • Because some of our customers need this service.
  • Some people find it easier to deliver or pick up a shipment in MaplogPoint.
  • No need to adjust pick-up or delivery times.
  • It is also easier to take shipping from areas that are outside our standard areas (in person or with a domestic postal or courier service).
  • If we rarely going to the pick-up or delivery area, but the customer can deliver or pick up the shipment in MaplogPoint (in person or with a domestic postal or courier service).

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About Us

We are an international and domestic shipping, moving and storage company with 15 years of professional experience and market knowledge. Our goal is who turn to us, to use our service without stress and to be satisfied – be it an individual or a company.

Using the experience we have gained over the years, correcting mistakes and taking advantage of development opportunities, we have created MAPLOG – so that we can serve the needs of our customers in the most complex and personalized way possible.

We pay special attention to communication, quick contact and reaction, and compliance with delivery deadlines.

We know that everyone’s own shipment and moving is the most important, so we pay significant attention to every order.

There is a need for customers to keep in touch from the first minute of the inquiry until the order is fulfilled. Therefore, we strive for personal contact (online, by phone) from the moment the need arises. The administration in this way is much more efficient than orders placed via internet or created automatically (based on our previous experience, orders created automatically require further consultation without exception).

Contact us and request a free quote through our website by clicking on the appropriate service!

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