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When will the next shipping be?

We deliver continuously, our vehicle depart every week. We do not start at fixed times, but adjust our routes to our orders. So there are areas that we touch more often, some that we touch less often.

We shipping on a weekly basis from the following countries: from Hungary, from Austria, from Slovakia, from the Czech Republic, from Germany, from the Netherlands, from Belgium, from Luxembourg, from France, from England, from the United Kingdom, from Denmark, from Sweden.

We transport on a weekly basis to the following countries: to Hungary, to Austria, to Slovakia, to the Czech Republic, to Germany, to the Netherlands, to Belgium, to Luxembourg, to France, to England, to the United Kingdom, to Denmark, to Sweden.

Mapog. Logisztika. Neked.

Maplog. Logistics. For You.

If you want urgent delivery …

Call us by phone! +3670 600 5196

When can you order the service?

Our system accepts requests for quotations from 0-24 every day of the week, or you can write an email or call us at any time – our colleague will answer your inquiries as soon as possible, from there you will decide when to order the delivery. The sooner it happens, the sooner we can deliver.

How to order the shipping?

Orders are always accepted only in writing, this can be sent here via the website, or by e-mail, or by sending a message to our Facebook page, or by text message.
You can request a quote via our website, email, Facebook, a message sent to our Instagram page, sms or phone. We can give an exact offer after the exact data and information.
The delivery is ordered by accepting the offer and sending the exact delivery details.

Is it possible to order the shipping by phone?

We do not accept orders by phone, it is necessary to have them in writing. We ask for at least sms with the exact details or
what kind of delivery you want to order.

What happens from order to delivery?

We review and schedule the place and time of dispatch and delivery. We will contact the sender and the recipient. We will arrange the dates. The driver calls the sender / recipient a few hours before arrival. At the personal meeting, the shipment will be handed over, the order will be received and the order will be signed.
Occasionally, drivers take a photo of the pick-up and delivery status of the shipment – which may be necessary not only for later traceability, but can also be used in online appearances.

What does the price of parcel delivery depend on?

City of pick-up and delivery; its weight; packaged size; urgency.

Do MAPLOG also transport a person?


Do MAPLOG also go to big cities and capitals?

Yes. No problem.

Who can send and receive packages, shipments?

Anyone who is entrusted by the customer, the sender can do it, even the neighbor.
Anyone whom the customer or consignee entrusts with this can take over, even a neighbor.

When will the package or shipment be picked up?

Before recording, we will arrange the date and time of pick-up and delivery in advance with the sender. Our drivers will call the sender before arrival.
We pick up and deliver packages and shipments at the same time; we always deliver on a different route, so the delivery time varies depending on our orders.

When will the package or shipment be delivered?

The duration of delivery depends on the geographical distance between the sender and the recipient, determined by the route of our cars, which we adjust to our orders. They will be delivered within 1-14 working days from the date of dispatch.

If it have difficulty finding the address…

If the street or house number is not clear – this is especially possible abroad – it is often helpful to specify the exterior of the house, residential building, what is nearby, what the fence is like, etc.
Transport to the topographical number is not an obstacle either, our drivers also tend to walk in exciting areas.

There are no obstacles in front of us.

If the courier is late…

During delivery, the route, shipping and delivery times may change due to a delay factor beyond our control.
We try to always inform our customers.

What can cause courier delays?

  • traffic congestion: accident, road repair, epidemic, etc. for
  • border control, other controls: in the current pandemic situation, controls and restrictions may develop in an unpredictable way
  • deceleration due to weather
  • unexpected car service

If you sent a request for quotation, you wrote an email, but no one responds…

We usually respond within 24 hours. If you are urgent please contact us by phone: +3670 600 5196.

They may have entered their email address incorrectly on the request form. We received and responded, but we sent the response to the wrong email address. If you do not receive an email confirmation of a request for quotation sent to the website, you may have typed in the email address field.
In this case, give us a call, send a message or email with your name and correct contact information – we will contact you.

If the colleague or driver does not pick up the phone…

If you request a quote, an existing order, a request for information, etc. you are looking for a colleague, you may not answer the phone because you are on a call, answering emails, planning a route, driving, packing, no signal strength, etc.

If you call our courier directly for an existing, out-of-the-box order, you may not pick up the phone because you are driving and concentrating on traffic, there is no signal strength, no packing, etc.

We will call you back if possible. If not, please call us a little later!

If the sender or recipient is not available on pick up / delivery…

Our colleagues will arrange the date and time of the pick-up and delivery with the sender / recipient in advance of the pick-up and delivery.

Our drivers will call the sender / consignee before arrival. If they are not available by phone, the courier has no obligation to go to the exact address. In this case, we will pick up / deliver the shipment the next time.

It has happened that the shipment was not delivered to the ordered address, but to the workplace. We will do this at no extra cost, but please let us know in advance as soon as it turns out that the delivery address will be different. Especially in the case of a larger city, because the delivery times are calculated in advance and discussed with our other customers as well.

If you would like to change or cancel…

Please contact us by phone or email.

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