Forbidden things that we do not transport

Prohibited things in international transport

The customer and the participants in the order are responsible for the content of the shipments and incur costs. As the contents of the shipments must be marked when ordering the delivery, our couriers are not obliged to check whether it contains prohibited or conditionally deliverable goods. However, if it is established at any stage of the shipment (eg: screening of the consignment, official control) that the contents of the consignment are excluded from the shipment or the conditions necessary for the shipment are missing, the shipment will not be delivered to the consignee.
We reserve the right to refuse any shipment that contains anything regulated or prohibited by law or that may cause damage to the life, health and physical integrity of individuals or any other package.


It is forbidden to transport any consignment that:

  • hazardous, flammable and flammable goods (eg hazardous waste; medical waste; injection needles and syringes; petrol, fuel oil; firearms, ammunition, explosives, fireworks; chemicals, acidic, corrosive or irritating substances, toxic substances, etc.)
  • batteries
  • tobacco products
  • alcoholic beverages
  • illicit drug, illicit drug
  • liquid substances, ice
  • frozen or perishable foods have a limited shelf life
  • goods that deteriorate or degrade rapidly in a short time – a few days – without special treatment
  • all other goods which may be presumed to be susceptible to damage because, due to their composition, they may be destroyed by excessive heat or cold
  • infectious, disgusting goods
  • all goods which can only be transported at a specified, constant temperature
  • human or animal remains, body parts, organs
  • all goods the transport or import of which is prohibited under the legislation of the country of destination
    goods, consignments, the content, transmission or design, external display of which violates the provisions of the legislation of the countries involved in the transport or requires a special permit or its transport is subject to a special permit (import or export permit)
  • packages which may cause damage to persons (property or health) or to goods
  • damaged shipment
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