Privacy Policy

I. Data Management and Privacy Policy

1.1. Purpose of the information
The purpose of this information is to enable the data subjects to receive adequate information about the data managed by MAP-LOG Kft. Or the data processor entrusted by it, the purpose, legal basis, duration of the data processing, data processors possibly involved in data processing. the legal basis and the recipient of the transfer.
In the prospectus, we mean any information about a natural person (data subject) identified or identifiable as personal data, on the basis of which the natural person can be identified directly or indirectly on the basis of one or more factors.
This information is attached to the General Terms and Conditions and is available at

At MAP-LOG Kft., We take the protection of personal data seriously at all stages of data management. We process personal data only for a specific purpose, in order to exercise a right or fulfill an obligation, to the minimum extent and for the time necessary to achieve that purpose.

1.2. Scope of the prospectus
1.2.1. The scope of the Prospectus covers the fulfillment of orders confirmed by MAP-LOG Kft. By e-mail or sms managed by the data controller, the fulfillment of orders placed on the official Facebook and Instagram pages of MAPLOG, the fulfillment of other commissioned delivery contracts, and inquiries (request for quotation, contact – via website, e-mail, Facebook, Instagram, telephone) and their data management for marketing purposes.
1.2.2. The scope of the Prospectus extends to all persons who participate in the data management or data processing operations performed by MAP-LOG Kft. Or have access to the data managed or processed by MAP-LOG Kft.
1.2.3. The Prospectus will enter into force on June 1, 2020.

1.3. Data controller data
Service Provider: MAP-LOG Services Ltd. (MAP-LOG Szolgáltató Kft.) (Hereinafter: “MAP-LOG Kft.”, “MAPLOG” or “Service Provider”)
Headquarters: 8. Orgona street, Dunaharaszti 2330, Hungary
Mailing address: 8. Orgona street, Dunaharaszti 2330, Hungary
Company registration number: 13-09-196122
Authority registering the company: Budapest District Court Registry Court
Tax number: 23902305-2-13
Public tax ID number: HU23902305

• Ádám Rudolf: manager +36 70 361 5302
• Botond Andó: logistics manager +36 70 600 5196
• Barnóczky István: customer relationsship manager +36 70 600 9241



II. Concepts

  1. Information law: Act CXII of 2011 on the right to information self-determination and freedom of information. law
  2. GDPR: The European Parliament and Council (EU) 2016/679 publish your personal data and manage data protection and are covered by Regulation (EC) No 95/46 with the General Data Protection Regulation;
  3. Data: Info law. and with data describing the personal data or special data assets of the GDPR and thus with the identified personal data (“in connection”); An identifiable personality, if recognizable in any way, if a person identifies it, counts, is a location data, an online identifier, or a person is identifiable by body, physiology, genetics, intellectual, economic, cultural, or social importance, or by several factors;
  4. Data subject: only one personal data is identified, ie – or only in the future – a person capable of identification;
  5. Informant: a natural or legal person, or a business company without legal personality, or natural persons acting on their behalf, who in any form communicate the personal data of third parties to MAP-LOG Kft. Upon request or without it.
  6. Confidential information: any non-easily accessible facts, information, other data and compilation thereof, the acquisition, utilization, disclosure or disclosure of which by unauthorized persons would infringe or jeopardize the legitimate financial or political interests or personal rights of either Party.
  7. Dmtv .: Act CXIX of 1995 on the management of name and address data for the purpose of research and direct business acquisition. law
  8. Direct marketing: the set of information and ancillary services carried out by means of a direct inquiry, the purpose of which is directly related to the sale, provision or promotion of products or services, Act XLVIII of 2008 on the basic conditions and certain restrictions of commercial advertising. Transmission of advertising to consumers or commercial partners (hereinafter together: customers) pursuant to Section 3 (d) of the Act (hereinafter: Grt.).
  9. Prohibited List: A record of the names and addresses of data subjects who have prohibited, or have not consented to, the use of their personal data for the purposes of the contact list or acquisition list set forth in these Regulations, despite prior request from the direct purchasing body. further treatment for this purpose.
  10. Grt .: in addition, Act XLVIII of 2008 on the basic conditions and certain restrictions of economic advertising activity. law
  11. Commercial advertising: means of communication, information or presentation which is a marketable movable, including money, securities and financial instruments, and natural forces that can be used as such (hereinafter together: product), service, real estate , is intended to promote the sale or other exercise of a right in rem (hereinafter collectively: goods) or, in connection with that purpose, to promote the name, designation, activities of an undertaking or to increase the awareness of goods or signs (hereinafter: advertising),
  12. Data management: any operation or set of operations on personal data or data files, whether automated or non-automated, such as collecting, recording, organizing, segmenting, storing, transforming or altering, retrieving, viewing, using, communicating, transmitting, distributing or otherwise making available by lot, harmonization or interconnection, restriction, deletion or destruction;
  13. Contact list: a list for contacting customers for the sole purpose of obtaining consent to receive items sent for direct business acquisition, containing at most the customer’s name, address, e-mail address or electronic communications ID, gender, information about the customer’s interests.
  14. Data controller: any natural or legal person, public authority, agency or any other body which alone or jointly with others determines the purposes and means of the processing of personal data; where the purposes and means of the processing are determined by Union or Member State law, the controller or the specific criteria for the designation of the controller may also be determined by Union or Member State law;
  15. Recording system: a file of personal data, broken down in any way, centralized, decentralized or functional or geographical, which is accessible on the basis of specific criteria;
  16. Data processor: any natural or legal person, public authority, agency or any other body which processes personal data on behalf of the controller;
  17. Recipient: any natural or legal person, public authority, agency or any other body to whom personal data are communicated, whether or not a third party. Public authorities that may have access to personal data in the framework of an individual investigation in accordance with Union or Member State law shall not be considered as recipients; the processing of such data by these public authorities must comply with the applicable data protection rules in accordance with the purposes of the processing;
  18. Data subject’s consent: a voluntary, specific and well-informed and clear statement of the data subject’s consent, by which the data subject indicates, by means of a statement or unambiguous expression of consent, that he or she consents to the processing of personal data concerning him or her;
  19. Data protection incident: a security breach that results in the accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure of, or unauthorized access to, personal data transmitted, stored, or otherwise handled;
  20. Enterprise: a natural or legal person engaged in an economic activity, regardless of its legal form, including partnerships and associations engaged in a regular economic activity;
  21. MAPLOG: A fantasy name operated by MAP-LOG Kft. Ordering a delivery service by e-mail or SMS, on the basis of which the Customer is obliged to pay a fee. Requesting a quote through the website, the possibility to contact us, and publishing online blog posts for the Clients.

III. Data treatments

3.1. Legal basis for data management
Data generation of MAP-LOG Kft. Can take place in case of the existence of at least one of the following legal bases:
3.1.1 The data subject has given his or her consent to the processing of his or her personal data for one or more specific purposes (voluntary consent)
3.1.2. Data processing is necessary for the performance of a contract in which the data subject is one of the parties or in order to take steps at the request of the data subject prior to the conclusion of the contract (performance of the contract).
3.1.3. Data management is necessary to fulfill a legal obligation to the data controller (fulfillment of a legal obligation).
3.1.4. Data management is necessary for the enforcement of the legitimate interests of MAP-LOG Kft. Or a third party, unless the interests or fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject take precedence over these interests (legitimate interest).

Within the scope of its activity (road freight transport, moving, cargo handling, other ancillary services), MAP-LOG Kft. Performs data processing related to the following purposes:

3.2. Performance of services
MAPLOG undertakes to pick up, arrange and deliver items at home and abroad, to the part designated by the sender as the recipient. MAPLOG also comes into contact with the data of natural persons in order to perform its service activities. This information can be name, address, phone number and email address. The data is necessary for the performance of the activity.
3.2.1. Request for quotation, contact
Purpose of data management: it is possible to request a quote, contact us in person, by phone, on the MAPLOG website, by e-mail or sms, or on Facebook or Instagram.
Identifying the visitors who initiate the contact, making the services available to them.
Legal basis for data management: § 6 of the GDPR. (1) a. point – voluntary contribution concerned.
Scope of managed data: company name, telephone number, email address.
Data transmission and data processing: MAP-LOG Kft., Its agent
Duration of data management: 3 years from the communication
Data storage method: electronic
3.2.2. Fulfillment of orders
The purpose of data management: to fulfill the orders created from MAP-LOG Kft. In person, but in writing, by e-mail or sms, or on Facebook or Instagram; provision of road freight transport, provision of removal activities, provision of other ancillary services, performance of contracts, provision of information related to services, other information, issuance of invoices, collection of fees, settlement, verification and subsequent verification of performance, provision of data to the service supervisory authority.
Legal basis for data management: § 6 of the GDPR. (1) b. point – necessary for the performance of the contract, § 6 of the GDPR. (1) c. fulfillment of a legal obligation.
Scope of managed data: for sender and consignee: name, delivery address, telephone number, e-mail address. If available, tax number, registered office, invoice details, date of conclusion of the contract.
Data transmission and data processing: MAP-LOG Kft., Subcontractors, agent
Duration of data management: 5 years from the conclusion of the contract (limitation period) + 60 days. In the case of concluded contracts, the Accounting TV. Pursuant to Section 169 (2), 8 years + 60 days from the issuance of the invoice.
In case of a failed delivery, in case of an order placed by e-mail or sms or on Facebook / Instagram, the consultation will be archived within 5 working days.
Data storage method: electronic
3.2.3. Customer service data management
The purpose of data management: differentiating customers, handling possible customer feedback, handling complaints, handling cancellations related to the contract, modifying orders, performing customer service activities, financial records, contact.
Legal basis for data management: § 6 of the GDPR. (1) c. – Fulfillment of a legal obligation, Fgytv. 17 / A.
Scope of data managed: full name, shipping address, phone number, email address, billing name and address.
Duration of data processing: with regard to the minutes of the complaint and the copies of the responses to the written complaints, Fgytv. 17 / A. § (7) 5 years + 60 days.
Data transmission and data processing: MAP-LOG Kft.
Data storage method: electronic
3.2.4 Job Application Data Management
Purpose of data management: keeping in touch
Legal basis for data management: § 6 of the GDPR. (1) c. – Fulfillment of a legal obligation, Fgytv. 17 / A.
Scope of data managed: full name, telephone number, e-mail address; curriculum vitae data
Duration of data management: if MAP-LOG Kft. Does not accept the applicant or the applicant rejects the offer, the obtained data will be deleted, such as the submitted CV and motivation letter within 12 months. If the applicant is admitted, the duration of the data processing becomes indefinite.
Data transmission and data processor: MAP-LOG Kft. Does not use a data processor for this data management, it does not transmit the legally known data.
During recruitment and recruitment, the name of the company is always indicated, the job advertisement is not made anonymously.
Data storage method: electronic, paper based.

3.3 Data management for direct marketing purposes
3.3.1. Direct marketing inquiries
Purpose of data management: building a database for business purposes, contacting, contacting, contacting in order to renew and extend data management, contacting in order to obtain consent for a different purpose, contacting in order to obtain consent to a different request, providing information on services, providing information on new services, data controller , forwarding your offers, invitation to participate in promotions, filling in a questionnaire.
Legal basis for data management: § 6 of the GDPR. (1) a. point – voluntary contribution.
Scope of managed data: full name, address, telephone number, e-mail address.
Data transmission and data processor: MAP-LOG Kft. Does not use a data processor for this data management.
Duration of data processing: until the withdrawal of the data subject’s consent + 60 days, but not more than 5 years.
3.3.2. Newsletter
Purpose of data management: A letter (e-mail) sent electronically to those concerned, including commercial advertising, for business purposes.
Legal basis for data processing: Article 6 (1) of the GDPR a. point- voluntary contribution.
Scope of data managed: e-mail address
Data transmission and data processor: MAP-LOG Kft. Does not use a data processor for this data management.
Provider: WordPress
Duration of data processing: until the data subject’s consent is withdrawn (unsubscribe).

IV. Provisions on data management

4.1. Informing the data subject
Prior to the implementation of data processing, understandable and clear information on the method and purpose of data collection and, in the case of voluntary provision of data, on the voluntary nature must be published, taking into account the legal requirements.
MAP-LOG Kft. Declares as a general principle that in all cases where it requests personal data from data subjects based on voluntary consent, after reading and interpreting the necessary information text, data subjects are free to decide whether to provide the requested information.

4.2. Consent of the data subject
If MAP-LOG Kft. Manages the personal data of the data subject on the basis of the data subject’s consent, the data processing is carried out on the basis of the data subjects ‘voluntary statement based on appropriate information, which contains the data subjects’ express consent to the use of their personal data.
The release of personal data to a third party or authorities, unless otherwise legally binding, is only possible on the basis of an official decision or with the prior express consent of the data subject.
MAP-LOG Kft. Does not check the personal data provided to it. The person who provided the data is solely responsible for the accuracy of the information provided.
Data subjects must be informed separately or by reference to these regulations that if they provide their e-mail address, they are also responsible for ensuring that only they use the service from the e-mail address provided. In view of this responsibility, all liability in connection with access to a given e-mail address rests solely with the data subject who provided the e-mail address.

4.3. Content and manner of giving consent
In the case of electronic data entry, a clear acceptance field on the electronic interface means understanding and accepting the information. In the absence of the personal data necessary for the conclusion and performance of the contract, the supply contract may not be concluded.
In order to provide its services, MAP-LOG Kft. Performs some of the deliveries by using subcontractors with the delivery data provided by the customer.
MAP-LOG Kft. Provides the partner company carrying out the delivery with the name and address of the sender and the recipient, as well as the given telephone number, or the goods to be delivered, if they are already in their possession. In doing so, it stipulates that the delivery partner may not use this data for purposes other than delivery. MAP-LOG Kft. Takes all necessary steps in order to ensure the security of the data. Personal data may only be accessed by persons holding relevant positions – subject to access controls.

4.4. Information technology applications – Cookie, remarketing
Information technology applications, provisions related to online advertising.
4.4.1 Cookie
Affected websites:
Management of technical data and cookies: The system of MAP-LOG Kft. The data thus recorded may not be combined with other personal data. The management of the data serves only statistical purposes, and in case of non-real / spam requests for quotations, it helps MAP-LOG Kft. In verifiability.
Cookies allow a website or application to recognize past visitors. Cookies help MAP-LOG Kft. To optimize a website, to design the services of the website or application according to the habits of the parties involved. Cookies are also suitable for remembering the settings, so the person concerned does not have to re-record them when he or she enters a new page; they remember previously entered data and therefore do not need to be re-typed; analyze the use of the website or application in order to use the information obtained in this way as much as possible in accordance with the user’s expectations, the user can easily find the information sought; monitor the effectiveness of your ads.
The user can set their web browser to accept all cookies, reject them all, or notify the user when a cookie arrives on their machine.
It is possible to enable or disable cookies, but the person concerned may also choose to have their browser ask permission to receive cookies. If you disable cookies, some web services will not work properly, and disabling them will not hide your computer’s online presence, and your browsing habits will still be traceable. After disabling, HTTP requests will still include the starting location (HTTP-based link), IP address, browser version number, operating system version number, and other information.
If you want to manage the cookie settings or disable the function, you can do so from your own computer or device in your browser. Depending on your browser toolbar, this option can be found under Cookies / Cookie / Tracking Placements, but you can usually set which tracking features are enabled / disabled on your computer under Tools à Settings à Privacy Settings.
4.4.2 Remarketing
Affected websites:
Cookies allow us to show ads to people who have previously visited our website, cookies also allow us to limit the number of times you see an ad so you don’t have to see the same ad over and over again.
MAP-LOG Kft. Uses the remarketing services of Facebook, Google Adwords & Analytics to display advertisements on the websites of third parties (including Facebook, Instagram, Google) to previous visitors of the MAP-LOG Kft. Website. It can also mean that you are showing ads to a visitor who has not finalized your order or has just sent it. Ads can be text or image ads within the Google Display Network.
You can control the ads that appear on Facebook / Instagram on Facebook / Instagram so that they no longer appear.
MAP-LOG Kft. Cannot identify, it does not see to whom and where the advertisement appears, it is done in an automated way. Remarketing service providers provide anonymous statistics to MAP-LOG Kft.

4.5. Storage of personal data
4.5.1. Principles of data storage
It assures MAP-LOG Kft. That the method and data content of the registration comply with the legislation in force at any time. MAP-LOG Kft. Ensures the appropriate logical separation of data processing for different purposes. MAP-LOG Kft. Manages electronic registers on the basis of uniform principles, taking into account the characteristics arising from the differences in the data carriers of the registers. The principles and obligations set out in this Prospectus apply to electronic records.
The register is divided in order to separate the data processing that can be separated on the basis of the legal basis and purpose.
MAP-LOG Kft. Ensures, through the structure of the registration system, the definition of rights, and other organizational measures, that the data in the personnel register can be accessed only by those employees and persons acting in the interest of MAP-LOG Kft. they need to do their job.
MAP-LOG Kft. Operates the electronic register through an IT program that meets the requirements of data security. The program ensures that only those people who need it in order to perform their duties have access to the data only in a targeted manner and under controlled conditions. The system records the accesses and activities of persons who have access to the data.
If the authorities authorized to do so request MAP-LOG Kft. To transfer personal data in the manner prescribed by law (eg on suspicion of a criminal offense, in an official data seizure decision), it shall provide the requested and available information in compliance with its legal obligation.
The release of personal data to a third party or authorities is not possible, unless otherwise legally binding, only on the basis of an official decision or with the prior express consent of the data subject.
4.5.2. Electronic data storage
The data provided electronically to MAP-LOG Kft. Is collected and stored in a cloud system, as well as on MAP-LOG Kft.’s own servers.

4.6. Duration of data storage
MAP-LOG Kft. Determines the duration of data storage in accordance with the legal basis and purpose of data management.
If the duration of data storage is determined by law, MAP-LOG Kft. Will store the data there for the period prescribed by law. If the prescribed period of data processing has expired, the data will be deleted.
If the data processing has been prohibited by the data subject, with the exceptions specified by law, the data shall be deleted.
If any data has to be deleted, MAP-LOG Kft. Will separate the data from the register originally containing it and move it to the register of data marked for deletion. Only the employee of MAP-LOG Kft., Who is absolutely entitled to the electronic destruction of the deletion, has access to the data register deleted for the performance of his duties.
In case of deleting the data, MAP-LOG Kft. Deletes all personal data or anonymises it in such a way that the original personal data is no longer visible.

MAP-LOG Kft. Always performs and documents the data deletion requested by the data subject – if the request can be legally fulfilled. MAP-LOG Kft. Places the data of the data subject in the necessary registers in order to verify the lawful data management existing until the request for deletion, and in order to avoid future data management. MAP-LOG Kft. Ensures that the data is deleted in a verified and verifiable manner.

4.7. Data processing
MAP-LOG Kft. Transfers data to third parties in certain cases, thus
4.7.1. to a subcontractor involved in the performance of the contract
4.7.2. to comply with a judicial, regulatory or other lawful request.
The data processor and any person acting under the control of the data controller or the data processor who has access to the personal data may handle the data only in accordance with the instructions of MAP-LOG Kft., Unless he is obliged to do so by EU or Member State law.

MAP-LOG Kft. Has several data processors concerning its activities. The contact details of the data processor and the individual data processing activities and data categories affected by the data processing are described in Section 5.8 of this Prospectus. included in point.
If MAP-LOG Kft. Transfers the data of the data subject to data processors, it shall inform the data subject thereof prior to the commencement of data management.

4.8. Data Processors
MAP-LOG Kft. Has entered into a contract with the data processors listed below for data processing. Data processing includes all activities with the data that MAP-LOG Kft. Performs with the data, but it has entrusted the performance of them to third parties who act on behalf of MAP-LOG Kft.
With regard to personal data processed in the systems of External Service Providers, the External Service Providers’ own data protection information shall apply. The Data Controllers will make every effort to ensure that the External Service Provider handles the personal data transmitted to it in accordance with the law and uses them only for the purpose specified by the user or set out below in this Prospectus. After 25 May 2018, the External Service Providers will record, process and process the personal data transmitted to them and processed or processed by the Data Controllers in accordance with the provisions prescribed by the GDPR. processed.
4.8.1 Transport service: in some cases the use of different subcontractors
Activity: transportation, moving, warehousing services
Managed data category: sender and recipient name, customer name, shipping address, telephone number, possibly company name, tax number, registered office.
4.8.2 Hosting provider: Magyar Hosting Kft. (1132 Budapest, Victor Hugo utca 18-22.,
Activity: website hosting services
Managed data category: name, service, phone number, email address
4.8.3 Accounting Office
Managed data category: name, address, company name, tax number, registered office
4.8.4 Website developer: MAP-LOG Kft

V. Rights of data subjects

5.1. The data subject ‘s right of access
The data subject is entitled to receive feedback from MAP-LOG Kft. On whether the processing of his / her personal data is in progress, and if such data processing is in progress, he / she is entitled to have access to the personal data and the following information:
(a) the purposes of the processing;
(b) the categories of personal data concerned;
(c) the recipients or categories of recipients to whom the personal data have been or will be communicated, including in particular recipients in third countries or international organizations;
(d) where applicable, the intended period for which the personal data will be stored or, if that is not possible, the criteria for determining that period;
(e) the data subject’s right to request the controller to rectify, erase or restrict the processing of personal data concerning him or her and to object to the processing of such personal data;
(f) the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority;
(g) if the data were not collected from the data subject, all available information on their source;
(h) the fact of the automated decision-making referred to in Article 22 (1) and (4) of the GDPR, including profiling, and at least in such cases, understandable information on the logic used and the significance of such data processing and the data subject. the expected consequences.
If personal data are transferred to a third country or to an international organization, the data subject is entitled to be informed of the appropriate guarantees for the transfer.

5.2. Correction and deletion
The data subject is entitled to correct inaccurate personal data concerning MAP-LOG Kft. At his request without undue delay. Taking into account the purpose of the data processing, the data subject has the right to request that the incomplete personal data be supplemented, inter alia, by means of a supplementary statement.
Regarding the activity, internal affairs and procedure of MAP-LOG Kft., MAP-LOG Kft. Corrects the data within 5 working days from the receipt of the request.
The data subject shall have the right to have his or her personal data deleted without undue delay at his or her request, and the controller shall be obliged to delete the personal data concerning him or her without undue delay if one of the following reasons exists:
(a) personal data are no longer required for the purpose for which they were collected or otherwise processed;
b) the data subject withdraws the consent which is the basis of the data management, and there is no other legal basis for the data management (the possibility of unsubscribing from the newsletter can be found at the bottom of the newsletter or by e-mail to MAP-LOG Kft.)
(c) the data subject objects to the processing and there is no overriding legitimate reason for the processing or the data subject objects to the processing for the direct acquisition of business;
(d) personal data have been processed unlawfully;
(e) personal data must be deleted in order to fulfill a legal obligation under Union or Member State law applicable to the controller.
In the case of data processing due to the fulfillment of a legal obligation, the GDPR does not even allow the data subject to exercise the right of cancellation if the data processing is necessary for the fulfillment of a legal obligation based on data processing.
In case of a failed order, MAP-LOG Kft. Does not store the data, it deletes them.

5.3. Right to restrict data processing
The data subject is entitled to restrict data management at the request of MAP-LOG Kft. If any of the following is met:
a) the data subject disputes the accuracy of the personal data, in which case the restriction applies to the period of time that allows MAP-LOG Kft. to check the accuracy of the personal data;
(b) the processing is unlawful and the data subject opposes the erasure of the data and instead requests that their use be restricted;
(c) the controller no longer needs the personal data for the purpose of processing the data, but the data subject requests them in order to make, enforce or protect legal claims; obsession
(d) the data subject has objected to the processing; in that case, the restriction shall apply for as long as it is established whether the legitimate reasons of the controller take precedence over the legitimate reasons of the data subject.
Where the processing is restricted on the basis of the foregoing, such personal data, with the exception of storage, shall be subject to the consent of the data subject or to the submission, enforcement or protection of legal claims or the protection of the rights of can be treated.
The data controller shall inform the data subject, at whose request the data processing has been restricted, in advance of the lifting of the data processing restriction.

5.4. Data portability
The data subject shall have the right to receive personal data concerning him which he has made available to a controller in a structured, widely used machine-readable format and to transfer such data to another controller without being hindered by the controller whose provided personal data if:
(a) the processing has given its voluntary consent or consent to the processing of specific data or is based on a contract; and
(b) the processing is carried out in an automated manner.
In exercising the right to data portability as described above, the data subject shall have the right, if technically feasible, to request the direct transfer of personal data between data controllers.
The exercise of the aforementioned right shall not infringe the right of cancellation.

5.5. Right to protest
The data subject has the right to object at any time for reasons related to his or her situation to the processing of his or her personal data on the basis of a legitimate interest, including profiling. In this case, MAP-LOG Kft. May not further process personal data, unless it proves that the data processing is justified by compelling legitimate reasons which take precedence over the interests, rights and freedoms of the data subject, or which are for the submission, enforcement or enforcement of legal claims. related to the protection of
Where personal data are processed for the purpose of direct business acquisition, the data subject shall have the right to object at any time to the processing of personal data concerning him or her for that purpose, including profiling, in so far as it relates to direct business acquisition.
If the data subject objects to the processing of personal data for the purpose of direct business acquisition, the personal data may no longer be processed for this purpose.
The right referred to above shall be expressly brought to the attention of the data subject at the latest at the time of his first contact and information relating thereto shall be displayed clearly and separately from any other information.
In connection with the use of information society services and by way of derogation from Directive 2002/58 / EC, the data subject may also exercise the right to object by automated means based on technical specifications.

5.6. Notification obligation
MAP-LOG Kft. Informs all recipients of any rectification, deletion or restriction of data processing with whom or with whom the personal data has been communicated, unless this proves impossible or requires a disproportionate effort. At the request of the data subject, the controller shall inform these recipients.

5.7. Remedies
5.7.1. Direct remedy of MAP-LOG Kft
The data subject has the opportunity to send his / her remarks, complaints and objections arising in connection with the data management of MAP-LOG Kft. Directly to MAP-LOG Kft. At the contact details indicated in this Prospectus and to request the legal remedy requested by him.
The data subject may turn to the customer service of MAP-LOG Kft. With his questions, complaints and notifications related to data management and the rights related to data management. The customer service ensures that questions, complaints and reports reach the appropriate organizational unit and receive answers to them within the relevant deadline, and that the necessary measures are taken.
5.7.2. National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority
The data subject may apply to the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority (hereinafter: the Authority) if, in his or her opinion, he or she has been infringed or is in imminent danger of having an infringement of the processing of his or her personal data, unless legal proceedings are pending. The Authority shall conduct an investigation or initiate official proceedings on the basis of a notification.
Contact details of the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority:
postal address: 1530 Budapest, Pf. 5., address: 1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22 / C.
+ 36-1-391-1400, fax: +36 -1-391-1410,,
5.7.3. Judicial redress
The data subject may apply to the competent court of the controller’s domicile or residence for the protection of his or her personal data.
5.7.4. Data Protection Officer
In view of the relevant provisions of the GDPR, MAP-LOG Kft. Is not obliged to appoint a data protection officer, MAP-LOG Kft. Does not qualify as a public authority or a body performing a public task, and MAP-LOG Kft .’s activities do not include regular and systematic operations. MAP-LOG Kft. does not handle special data or personal data related to decisions and criminal offenses concerning the establishment of criminal liability.

VI. Data Security

In compliance with the data security requirement, data management operations must be designed and implemented in such a way as to ensure the protection of the privacy of data subjects. MAP-LOG Kft. Ensures the security of the data, takes the technical and organizational measures that are necessary to enforce the data and confidentiality protection rules.
The data shall be protected by appropriate measures against unauthorized access, alteration, transmission, disclosure, deletion or destruction, as well as against accidental destruction and damage, and from becoming inaccessible due to changes in the technology used.
The state of the art must be taken into account when defining and applying data security measures. Of the several possible data management solutions, the one that provides a higher level of protection of personal data should be chosen, unless this would impose a disproportionate cost or difficulty on the controller.
MAP-LOG Kft., In particular, takes care of the tasks related to IT protection:
• Measures to protect against unauthorized access, including software and hardware protection and physical protection (access protection, network protection);
• Measures to ensure the possibility of restoring data files, including regular backups and separate, secure management of copies (mirroring, backup);
• Protection of data files against viruses (virus protection);
• The physical protection of data files and the devices carrying them, including protection against fire damage, water damage, lightning, other elemental damage, and the recoverability of damage resulting from such events (archiving, fire protection).

VII. Amendments to the Privacy Notice

MAP-LOG Kft. Reserves the right to amend this Data Management Information at any time, if it deems it justified on the basis of experience, or if the amendment is required by a change in legislation.
If the data subject does not agree with the amendments, he / she may notify MAP-LOG Kft. In writing within 8 days of becoming aware of the change. In this case, MAP-LOG Kft. Is obliged to delete the personal data of the data subject, unless the deletion of the data is not made possible by the fulfillment of a legal obligation.
If the data subject does not object to the amendment within the above deadline after becoming aware of it, the new data management and data protection notice will enter into force for the data subject’s personal data.

Dunaharaszti, June 1, 2020.


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