Why do we offer you our moving service?

One of the most significant things in people’s lives is when they move. Everyone wants to move reliably, safely and without damage. “Doing it” because none of the moves is easy, it involves a lot of stress from the beginning of the organization through the packing to the day of the move. We want to reduce this stress factor and make moving easier with our service.

For us, every move is equally important. Be it a small quantity, a few boxes, a complete household or the relocation of an office. We also undertake relocation within Hungary, outside Hungary, to or from Hungary.

If you have already decided to skip the stress-free move, please do not scroll any further!

Types of moving

We can differentiate the relocations based on the quantities: there are a few package or part or whole household relocations, office relocations. Complete car moves can also take place with one or more cars.

  • In case of complete car delivery, only the values of the customer are carried by the car. Delivery times take place on pre-arranged days, which can be selected by the customer in consultation with us. Usually we recommend loading in the morning. Depending on the type of transport vehicle, different loading times must be calculated. Loading time is greatly influenced by preparations, environmental conditions, number of people and the amount and composition of things to be moved.
  • In the case of partial removals, delivery is made together with other orders in order to take advantage of the transport vehicle. The delivery time is thus slightly longer, depending on the other orders. We also try to deliver at the right time for the customer with these deliveries, but more flexibility is needed here.
    In the case of larger relocations, instead of fixed dates, we try to plan in advance with time intervals, and then switch to a fixed time as the dates approach.

The importance of the survey

In order to provide the transport capacity and the right vehicle for the quantity, it is absolutely necessary to map the exact quantity, weight and composition. A well-assessed and prepared move can bring a positive outcome for both parties.
Once the quantity and composition have been determined, we can make a suitable offer.
If you don’t know how to get started at all, there is an option to request a personal survey as well.

Change in quantity, composition

The quantity and composition may change during packing, approaching the date of removal. This is perfectly normal.
In our experience, for larger quantities, there is always more stuff after packing than the movers think – it’s better to count on it in advance than to find out on the day of the move, when loading, that the means of transport provided for moving is not enough. On-site problem-solving, quantity correction always involves extra stress and is more expensive than calculating with it in advance.

About overweight

The capacity of the car is usually easy for everyone to understand. But that’s not to be confused with the fact that as long as there’s room on the car’s platform, it can be packed as well. Because the total. weight also matters.
Cars are not allowed to drive for overweight, safety and technical reasons, and in all countries, without exception, the authorities impose heavy penalties. Therefore, it is always preferable to count on it, but in all cases to adhere to the load limits of the vehicle, because it will still be cheaper to count on it in advance than to pay any fines. (Which we will always pass on to the customer.)
So when designing, attention should be paid not only to estimating the volume but also the weight.
Even with a partial load, it can be uncomfortable if we can’t bring your stuff because it can’t fit anymore (either because of weight or volume because, for example, there’s an extra armchair, move and parcel), or we can’t get someone else’s thing because of yours. We used to be able to solve these, but we need to know about it. None of us would be happy if we couldn’t pick up his shipment because of someone else’s changed quantity.
Thus, in all cases, it is necessary to predict changes if we can make corrections in time.


The relocations are usually pre-planned, it is also ideal for us if we can schedule and prepare. Reservations of a minimum of two weeks are common, but can be booked months in advance.
We can usually offer a solution for relocations within a week or a few days, but in these cases it is possible that extra flexibility and compromise is needed on the part of the customer as well. We can also successfully resolve last-minute inquiries with a high percentage, but it is recommended to avoid them because they involve more stress than average.


Transport vehicles used for removals in case of complete removals:

  • 3.5 t box van: load capacity max. 1000 kg, capacity 13-15 m3; size: 4 m long, 1.9 m high, 1.8 m wide; at the wheel drums 1.4 m wide
  • 3.5 t tilt van: load capacity max. 1000 kg, capacity 18-20 m3; size: 4.2 – 4.8 m long, usually 2.1 m high, usually 2.1 m wide (there may be minimal differences depending on the type)
  • 7.5 t truck: load capacity max. 2.5-3 tons, capacity 36-40 m3 (varies by type and construction)
  • 12.5 t truck: load capacity 4 t, capacity 16-20 pallets, size: 7-8 m long, 2.4 wide (varies by type and construction)
  • 24 or 40 t truck: load capacity 24 t, capacity 13.6 crate meters, size: 13.6 m long, 2.4 m wide

Most of the relocations take place in a box or tarpaulin van. This is because they can approach any address, they are not usually subject to a recovery permit. It is often the case that two or more such vehicles are in demand. Greater coordination is needed to use larger trucks.
As different means of transport are subject to different rules and regulations (volume, load capacity, total load capacity, transit time, recovery permit), it is necessary to negotiate the appropriate choice in the knowledge of the rules.
Consideration should be given to the vehicle by which they can approach the site, the possibilities for stopping and parking, what other restrictions there are in the area, whether there is a driving license requirement or any vehicle restrictions, and whether it is physically possible to stop, park or drive into the street. with a larger truck, is it feasible at all.


The price includes all costs except the loading fee.
Our drivers are happy to help and assist with every move, but that doesn’t mean they can be expected to load or unload an entire car on their own. The primary task of the driver is to get the car and the goods to the safe destination, as well as to arrange and secure the objects in the car.
If driver assistance, loading or extra loading is required at any address, this must be indicated separately. The fee for this is not included in the recommended removal fee in either case. The fee is determined individually in each case (how many main loaders are required, how much the total quantity depends on, what type, floor, parking possibility).
Discussing loading tasks is also a priority to avoid injuries.
We can undertake loading in Hungary with any number of people, at any time agreed in advance. We undertake loading abroad only in accordance with the conditions set out in advance in a separate agreement.
The demand for loading must be announced separately in each case.


In recent years, relocations have often raised the need for temporary or permanent, longer-term storage of things to be relocated. We can provide the option of storage if delivery cannot be resolved immediately and then for later delivery. The fee for this is determined individually.

You can read the details by clicking here.

Our key warehouses – in a closed, safe, guarded area:

  • England – Newport
  • Germany – Aachen
  • Hungary – Dunaharaszti, Gyömrő, Kazincbarcika


The total volume and weight of the items to be transported determine the shipping fee and the composition of the means of transport to be selected. Not the number of packages, but the total quantity that matters.
The shipping fee agreed upon in advance for a quantity may change due to a change in quantity.

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All our shipments, including removals, are covered by basic insurance (CMR and freight insurance). These types of insurance do not provide value-based protection for private relocations. Thus, for our clients who want extra insurance, we recommend that they take out this for themselves: not only is the administration, insurance, possible claims settlement easier, but the clients can request insurance for themselves according to their needs. For larger relocations (half or full car) it is not necessary to mark every single thing, but it can be very useful to make a relocation list in advance. The procedure is different for each insurance company, there are different rules, so it is definitely worth asking them for a personalized offer.
At the same time, we would note that with properly prepared, well-packaged, and then professionally, carefully packed relocations, the risk of injury is minimal.


It is done by agreement. It can be by advance transfer, when sending or delivering in cash, or in any half or half of these versions.
We rarely ask for an advance. If someone feels more secure with their down payment, they have the option.
Because we know how important moving is to everyone, we are serious about each move. Based on the experience of the past few years, those who have chosen us to make their move have also taken it seriously enough. If both parties have the right attitude, we do not usually ask for an advance with the intention of building trust. Whoever chooses us, we fulfill. Our relocation cancellation is zero for 10 years.

We say everything openly. You decide. And we deliver what we undertake.

  • In order to provide the transport capacity and the right vehicle for the quantity – it is absolutely necessary to map the exact quantity and composition, e.g. transporting a two-door refrigerator with a box van is not possible (the refrigerator cannot be physically inserted).
  • It is advisable to choose the time of loading the moves and the time of departure home in such a way that they cannot cause any disruption (eg packing 8 in the morning and departure of the southern flight is not recommended).
  • If you don’t know how to get started – contact us! We also undertake a personal survey, we help with our experience, because a well-assessed and prepared move will result in a positive outcome for both parties.

Important shipping informations

We shipping to the following countries on a weekly basis:

  • Hungary
  • Austria
  • Slovakia
  • Czech Republic
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Luxembourg
  • France
  • England
  • United Kingdom

We can also take deliveries to the following countries:

  • Romania
  • Slovenia
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Switzerland
  • Ireland
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Poland
  • Norway
  • Latvia
  • Estonia
  • Lithuania

What you can expect:

  • Fast contact and reaction time.
  • Outstanding communication.
  • Maximum flexibility.
  • Safe shipment handling.
  • Stress-free process.
  • Domestic and international door-to-door delivery or using MaplogPoints!

Good to know

  • We will respond to requests for quotations as soon as possible.
  • In all cases, orders can be finalized after a written or telephone consultation.
  • We tailor our routes entirely to our orders (so we touch certain areas more or less often).
  • We make an appointment in advance with both the sender and the recipient before picking up and delivering.
  • We work in a continuous work schedule, the time of pick-up / delivery may be different from the normal (early morning, late evening, taking into account the requests).
  • From the expected time of arrival we will notify you at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Delivery time 1-14 days.
  • We do not use conveyor belts during our shipments, and where possible do not tranship shipments from one van to another. We usually try to make the deliveries with the car that also picked it up – thus minimizing the possibility of damages.
  • Delivery is door-to-door or shipments can be delivered / picked up using MaplogPoints!

Further to the General Terms and Conditions

More about MaplogPoint

What is MaplogPoint?

Storage, where after consultation you can deliver or pick up your shipment in person from 0-24 hours.

Where are they located?

  • England – Newport
  • Germany – Aachen
  • Hungary – Dunaharaszti, Gyömrő, Kazincbarcika

Why did we create them?

  • Because some of our customers need this service.
  • Some people find it easier to deliver or pick up a shipment in MaplogPoint.
  • No need to adjust pick-up or delivery times.
  • It is also easier to take shipping from areas that are outside our standard areas (in person or with a domestic postal or courier service).
  • If we rarely going to the pick-up or delivery area, but the customer can deliver or pick up the shipment in MaplogPoint (in person or with a domestic postal or courier service).

Moving request an offer

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    About Us

    We are an international and domestic shipping, moving and storage company with 15 years of professional experience and market knowledge. Our goal is who turn to us, to use our service without stress and to be satisfied – be it an individual or a company.

    Using the experience we have gained over the years, correcting mistakes and taking advantage of development opportunities, we have created MAPLOG – so that we can serve the needs of our customers in the most complex and personalized way possible.

    We pay special attention to communication, quick contact and reaction, and compliance with delivery deadlines.

    We know that everyone’s own shipment and moving is the most important, so we pay significant attention to every order.

    There is a need for customers to keep in touch from the first minute of the inquiry until the order is fulfilled. Therefore, we strive for personal contact (online, by phone) from the moment the need arises. The administration in this way is much more efficient than orders placed via internet or created automatically (based on our previous experience, orders created automatically require further consultation without exception).

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